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Xiaomi Dreame XR Premium 5 In 1 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Xiaomi Dreame XR Premium 5 In 1 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Is Ahead Of Its Competitors!

Xiaomi is one of the most versatile companies at the moment. We all know about various Xiaomi products, but what you may not have known is that the Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are of an exceptional quality. If you are already fascinated by the old Xiaomi vacuum cleaners, then you're going to be amazed with the new Dreame XR. XR is the top model, based on the latest Space 3.0 Turbo engine technology, where power and hydrodynamics have been taken a step further ahead of competition. This way, the XR will offer you the highest performance everywhere and on any surface, adapting perfectly to any obstacle on it's way, achieving a great capacity to absorb dust and leaving your house in much cleaner condition. 

Xiaomi Dreame XR Offers Four Independent Motors That Provides Powerful Suction!

Of course, one of the features that makes this new Xiaomi Dreame XR vacuum cleaner stand out is its suction power. It reaches a wind pressure of 22000 Pa, to leave everything clean with just a little effort. This is also due to its composition of 4 independent motors: a main motor that reaches 100,000 revolutions, a large diameter motor for the main brush, another double spiral motor for the brush (especially for carpets and fabric surfaces) and a motor for the deep removal of mites and hard to access bacteria. This motor system is capable of optimizing both the efficiency and the effectiveness, maintaining a stable and strong usage of power, and being able to overcome any type of surface.

MES Cooling Technology!

The full name of the MES system is "MES cooperative engine, resistance and cooling system", composed of the powerful 100,000 rpm engine (which we talked about in the previous paragraph), an electric circuit with turbo Boost and 2500mAh battery (which we will talk about later) and an autonomous cooling system, called "SmartCool". It performs its function thanks to an exhaustive channel, achieving a real-time heat dissipation and ensuring the perfect working state of both the engine and the battery.

Powerful 2500mAh Battery Capacity!

One of the most important aspects when choosing our new vacuum cleaner is its autonomy. That's why the Xiaomi Dreame XR comes with a high-capacity 2500 mAh battery that can give you up to 60 minutes in standard mode*, 28 minutes in efficient mode and 10 minutes in high power mode. Plus, you can conveniently charge it in its 2-in-1 wall mount and charging support, saving time and space.

*Running times are subject to certain parameters, such as the amount of dirt or the type of surface.

Perfect Fit For Any Home Of Office!

It is also important to note that at Xiaomi they are prepared for anything and adapt their vacuum cleaner to any type of home and surface. Something quite important if it is a cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner since, in general, we will want it to clean also little accessible areas, with curves or very narrow. The Xiaomi Dreame XR was not going to be less and is specially designed so that you can use it in all possible situations, that is why it has a reduced weight and size, as well as various heads, which allow you to use it on softer or harder surfaces, the top of the wall rollers, the holes of the sofa, etc. Especially thanks to the independent motors for the brushes, there will be nothing to resist. In addition, it achieves a purification rate of 99.9%, with 5 stages of dust filtering. And, thanks to its HEPA filter, it can capture particles down to 0.3µm. Dust mites won't be a problem either, as the XR vacuum cleaner is capable of removing 99.9% of the dust you have around the house.

Dreame XR Offers Ergonomic Design And Noise Reduction!

While all of the above is fine, Xiaomi knows that what really makes the difference is the small details. That's why the Xiaomi Dreame XR has been carefully designed, taking into account noise reduction in each and every part, starting with a fibre composition in its main housing, an optimised brushless motor and perfect finishes so that vibration and resonance are not a problem. I also dare say that the perfect ergonomic design of the Dreame XR will be the key point in your decision to buy it, as it is the most comfortable to hold while doing your cleaning tasks.


  • 5 stage filtration filters 99.99% of all dust particles
  • HEPA filtration, High density sponge filter, cyclone filter, etc
  • Smart Cool - Patented Self-regulating heat dissipation system ensure long battery and motor life
  • Stretchable Vacuum Pipe for vacuuming corners and hard-to-reach spots
  • Extra brushes included for cleaning sofa, mattress, carpet, corners, car, etc.
  • Affordable - less than 1/2 the price of other leading vacuum brands
  • Ergonomic and lightweight- Comfortable handle grip, back-mounted motor 
  • Powerful 100k RPM 450w motor developed by Dreame’s Aerospace team.
  • Strong suction (22 Kpa wind pressure, 140 AW suction power)
  • 2500mah battery - Up to 60 minutes on full charge or vacuum 400㎡area
  • Stealth Mode: 67dB quiet mode

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