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Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier KJ800F-X7(M), X7-S(M), X3(M)

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Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier KJ800F-X7(M), X7-S(M), X3(M) are powerful filterless indoor air purification systems. 

With better than HEPA 99.9% removal of particles as small as 0.0146 microns. It will help you fight: Dust, Mold Spores, Smoke, Airborne Bacterias and Viruses. It destroys odor-causing VOCs and offers Smart Remote App (Mijia) controls with Air Monitor System right from your smartphone, and quiet operation in rooms and office spaces up to 1800 Square Feet.

Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier picks up where others left off, puts your health and the health of the environment first by super-cleaning the air in larger room. 

You will stop inhaling everyday's indoor air pollutants (e.g. pollens, pet dander, hair, allergens, bacteria and virus etc..) and breathe a much cleaner air than with any of the traditional air purifiers on the market (like HEPA). Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier uses powerful ionic wind filtration technology that offers you high-efficiency and ultra-quiet experience. You will save time, money, and help the planet with no filters to replace!

HEPA only traps pollutants such as pollen and dust. When a HEPA filter isn’t changed regularly, they stop working. 

That means those same pollutants that it trapped can escape back into the very air they came from! Since mold and bacteria like to grow on HEPA filters, you'll need to change those very expensive filters which can easily cost upwards of $500 per year for many competing air cleaners.  With Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier you can forget about that replacement filter expenses and just enjoy your super-clean air!  

All is good, but how does it work? 

Charged ions/dust/VOCs in the air then move under an electrical field, causing an avalanche effect where more and more ions/dust/VOCs are charged and moved under the field. The pollutants then hit the oppositely charged collecting plates, where the dust gets trapped, and the ions and any germs, viruses or bacteria are neutralized, only then the clean air is released. This process circulates and continues, which is how the Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier's ionic wind technology can truly clean the air in your home and office, eliminating particles as small as 0.0146 microns, VOCs, odors and germs. 

Importance of the details!

Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier uses the best in class DC brushless fan motor. Since research has proven that 360 degree intake is better, the carefully designed aerodynamic flow path enables 360 degree intake of pollutants. Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier is whisper quiet in Night Mode, the noise level is down to 22 db at sleep mode, which is hard to hear at night, and the lights are dimmed. The Real Time Air Quality Digital Display shows colors of Red, Orange, Yellow and Green which allows you to easily monitor your room’s quality of air anytime of the day and make sure you’re breathing clean air! 


  • CADR 889m/h breaks through the national standard limit, and in the face of heavy pollution, it can also effectively kill the flu virus and prevent family members from getting sick.
  • High concentration of ions in TPA ion field purification technology can efficiently remove a variety of harmful thing
  • Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier adopts the patented technology of TPA ion field. The purification efficiency is related to the electric field strength. It is not affected by the accumulation of things, and the purification ability is stable and durable.
  • New dual-inlet, low-resistance power system for clean air
  • Mijia APP remote control; Xiaoai control; Automatic running
  • Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier continuously provides clean air, effectively controlling the indoor PM2.5 concentration to within 35 ug/m3. The air quality that meets this standard is the first-class good air specified by the state.

You can also monitor and adjust your Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier with the (Mijia) smartphone app from anywhere you have cellular service! 

Other great features includes One Button operation: No need to figure out lots of buttons. Just press 1 button to quickly and easily cycle through different air flow settings or press Auto Mode and let it manage the whole thing. A Child Lock is also included to prevent children from playing with the settings.

With money-saving filterless technology that covers particles, odors and VOCs, large room coverage, quiet operation and built in air monitoring, the Airdog X8 is an incredible value.  Order your Xiaomi Breathe Different Air Purifier System today and enjoy fast, filterless air purification and better health, all at our best price!