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Vacmaster V12 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1800PA

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Vacmaster V12 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1800PA is Always Ready to Clean!

To save your time, energy and your back, Vacmaster V12 automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery power is running low.

Vacmaster V12 Offers Ultra-Slim Design!

You can now consistently clean hard-to-reach areas of your home or office space, that you've forgotten about or simply can't access.

Choose a Cleaning Mode That Fits Your Needs!

Vacmaster V12 offers 5 optional vacuuming modes which allows you to specify your cleaning needs while helping you to save your time to concentrate on other important things in your life.

High Performance Vacuuming!

Vacmaster V12 is only 3" super thin robot vacuum cleaner that is carefully made with care, and offers you high quality cleaning anywhere and anytime. It has high performance suction of 1800PA to stable between different modes. Extremely quiet under 65dB giving you the best and powerful helping hand when it comes to cleaning particles from smallest to largest.

Elegant Design!

Aside from giving you best quality product with great performance and features, we also want you to have a product with an elegant and amazing design. The 3” slim design cleans under your furniture like table and sofa, while the powerful wheels climb up and over the small ridges. Anti-cliff sensors avoid falling down stairs or off of the ledges. It vacuums for up to 2 hours removing all small and large particles.

Remote Control Scheduling

Quickly and easily schedule cleaning sessions via remote control.

Extremely Powerful Motor!

Vacmaster V12 offers 1800Pa of suction power and it navigates around obstacles and objects while easily picking up debris and pet hair.

Anti-Drop Sensor Technoogy!

Vacmaster V12 uses special sensor technology to avoid falling down the stairs or off of the ledges.

Vacmaster V12 is Packed With Defferent Features To Make Your Life Easier!

You can select from 5 cleaning modes for your cleaning needs:

  • Smart Mapping.
  • Spot Cleaning.
  • Single Room Cleaning.
  • Edge Cleaning.
  • Manual (Remote Control) Cleaning.

Smart mapping robot intelligently navigates around obstacles picking up small to large particles. Vacmaster V12 vacuum cleaner automatically returns to charging station when the battery power is running low, so it’s always ready to clean. It's easy as 1, 2, 3 and makes your cleaning chores easier and much more efficient.

Vacmaster V12 Is Made To Make Your Life Easier!

Whenever you are not at home or you have other important things to attend to, and you feel like something needs to be done especially if it's cleaning, worry no more, because with Vacmaster V12, you can schedule your cleaning sessions with just few click.