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Rigoglioso True HEPA Tower Air Purifier

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Rigoglioso True HEPA Air Purifier has an ultra-intelligent monitoring air indicator:

It has a built-in PM2.5 laser sensor, which monitors the ambient air PM2.5 index in real time, and can monitor the air quality around you whenever and wherever the air quality deteriorates. At the same time, the purifier automatically changes color, adjusts the wind speed, speeds up the purification of air, and creates a healthy and pollution-free environment.

Compact and Stylish design:

Designed in a green-and-blue-red color pattern, the air cleaner will be a solid fit for a house of any style and size.

Nightlight Feature:

At the end of a busy day, everyone deserves to relax. The home air purifier is your way to do it as it’s equipped with the nightlight mode, making you all night with fresh air and have a deep sleep in overnight.


3-stage filtration, with one of the best HEPA air filters produced, our air purifier for home works effectively to separate pure oxygen from dust, ashes, and other allergens as well as germs and microbes. Once it detects that the air quality is getting worse, the light will turn red. At that time, the air purifier will accelerate the purification of the surrounding air, speed up the air flow, and when the air quality is good, it will be green and blue. It will improve according to your initial environment. Your air quality allows you to breathe without worry and enjoy a healthy life every day.