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Rigoglioso Compact HEPA Home Air Purifier

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Rigoglioso HEPA Home Air Purifier can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger air pollution of PM 2.5, helping to improve overall health.

Perfect for pet owners, babies, children, the elderly, or anyone wanting to improve the air quality in their home or hotel room.

Negative Ion Air Purifier 

This advanced air cleaner purifier release a large amount of Negative Ion captures up the airborne particles(PM 2.5), dust, pet odor, cigarette smoke, cooking odor, kill harmful bacteria, mold and virus, decompose smoke, odor and formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases released by car parts and. Keep the air fresh!

Efficient Air Purification

The 360-degree air intake and discharge maximize fresh and healthy air provided to all directions, improving the air circulation in your room. It can clean 10 cubic meter air per hour in normal mode and consume less than 0.2 units of power.

Easy to Operate, Simple Design 

One single press of the same button to turn it on/off and control the light color. The minimalist design makes it look elegant and sleek anywhere and fit any style of room decor. The low power consumption means it's more than affordable to run all day.

Whisper Quiet, Energy Saving 

At quiet mode, the noise is controlled under 30 dB. You will barely be able to hear it at arm's length. And it consumes little of electricity with a rated power of 2.5W.