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JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Offers High-End Powerful Motor!

350W digital BRUSHLESS motor provides strong suction, lift embedded dirt and stain with ease. Make sure a noiseless environment during the work and offer a comfortable cleaning experience.

7-cell Loss-free Li-ion Battery!

2500mAh Detachable battery delivers up to 15-40 mins of uninterrupted cleaning experience. Suction power is controlled across three settings-Eco mode, mid mode and boost mode-to clean throughout the home.

Intelligent LED Screen!

With built-in filter sensor, the LED screen shows selected power mode, remaining run time and filter cleaning alert. Reminds you to clean fliters for optimum performance.

Replaceable Fluffy Cleaner Head!

Invented for hard floors, the soft roller cleaner head of V16 cordless vacuum removes large debris and dirt thoroughly. It has extra-soft bristles that prevent scratches and deliver high performance on and hard floor.

Mode Switch Between Hard Or Carpet Floors!

Hard Floor mode: Move the bumper as illustrated with soft roller installed. With big opening in the front, sucks up large debris and fine dust from hard floors.

Carpet Floor mode: Move the bumper as illustrated with brush roll installed. Closed space creates more suction and direct-drive floor head clean deep into carpet to remove ground-in dirt.


  • Impressive Extreme Suction - With 350W brushless digital motor, this cordless vacuum rivals traditional stick vacuum(including plug-ins) in household deeper cleaning, lifts embedded dust with ease, delivers a perfect carpet-cleaning performance.
  • Long-Lasting Runtime - Powerful 7-cell lithium-ion batteries provide a loss-free cleaning performance for up to 40 mins(depending on usage). The removable battery facilitates separate charging and you can get spare packs to extend the run time.
  • Easy-switch Two LED Full-size Power Brushes - Specific care for different floor types, JASHEN provides professional treatment for different dirt. The smart LED headlamp supports light sensor control, automatically turns on/off by sensing the light.
  • High Efficiency Filtration System - 4-stage fully-sealed filtration captures 99.99% of the fine dust. With built-in filter sensor, the LED panel shows selected power mode, remaining run time and filter cleaning alert, which ensures long-lasting suction without clogging.
  • Dual Charging & Wall Mount - Hold the vacuum and accessories onboard for easy storage and battery charging. The battery can be charged separately on the dock or with the vacuum.