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Air Purifier with HEPA Filter For Home Or Vehicle

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Air Purifier with HEPA Filter For Home Or Vehicle eliminates microscopic particles, allergens and airborne germs from your car.

The coffee cup-sized air purifier is lightweight and conveniently sits in any one of your car's cup holders. Giahol Air Purifier not only removes particles with it's true HEPA filtration system, it also features negative ions that attach to viruses, bacteria, mold and move them to positively charged surfaces like a floor and away from breathing passages.

Air Purifier's washable carbon filter is a perfect and effective solution for combating odors such as: tobacco smoke, pollen, dust particles as well as other air pollutants. The unit is essentially silent and simply plugs into your cars cigarette lighter port. Includes: Air Purifier with Filter; 1 x USB Cable; 1 x User Manual.


  • Utilizes true HEPA filtration, carbon filtration, and a negative ionizer for optimal air cleaning result.
  • Removes microscopic airborne particles such as allergens, dust, bacteria as well as other air pollutants .
  • Effectively fights airborne viruses.
  • Extremely low noise operation.
  • Compact in size, it's lightweight design fits into cup holder in your vehicle and plugs into USB port in your car or home.
  • Hand gesture  control using infrared sensing technology to power up or off as well as 2 speed modes such as: High and Low.