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Diamond Bottle Air Humidifier

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Diamond Bottle Air Humidifier, A Super Simple, Convenient, And Effective Solution For On-The-Go Humidification.

A portable and compact humidifier inspired by the every-day traveler’s need to combat dry air. Diamond Bottle humidifier is adjustable in size to fit any water container and in any purse or book-bag while not in use. Additionally, it pumps out just as much ultra-fine quality mist as any other humidifier out there, so you can take a thick mist with you anywhere you go. and it works perfectly with tap or mineral water.


Diamond Bottle is an ultimate portable humidifying companion, perfect for travelers to take along on journeys as it works with tap or mineral waters. 


Diamond Bottle is not limited by volume and container and works just about everywhere. The length is adjustable so that you may use any container as a water tank, such as a mug, normal glass, bottle. 


Diamond Bottle's battery capacity allows for up to five hours of continuous usage and it only takes two hours to fully charge.

High-End Technology!

Ultrasonic atomization technology of our Diamond Bottle allows it to generate millions of high-frequency vibrations per minute, making the spray dense and rich. Additionally, the Micro USB interface allows it to be charged via laptop, mobile power, etc. 


  • Creative and concise design, make it an interesting decoration
  • Quietly creates mist during the night, provides continuous moisture and mood relaxation.
  • Convenient and easy to use, space-saving and portable, can be used anywhere and any anytime.
  • A meaningful gift to family, friends, colleagues or business partners.