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CoronFlow Home and Office Air Purifier with Aroma Diffuser (EU PLUG)

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CoronFlow Air Purifier with Aroma Diffuser is here to stay!

CoronFlow Air Purifier works by generating negative ions to fight harmful allergens, pollutants, and impurities in your home, thereby making indoor air quality a lot better for you and your loved ones. Coronflow Air Purifier generates ozone, which is necessary to destroy bacterias and viruses, as well as neutralize various microorganisms, eliminates odors and other airborne contaminants. This device is a great choice for your home and office space.

All is great, but what about Aromatherapy?

Add a small drop of your favorite essential oil into CoronFlow Air Purifier, to  get you fade away in fresh ionized air and aroma environment. You can add a variety of aromatherapy essential oils that you love to enjoy clean, healthy and comfortable environment around yourself.


  • Refined, eco-friendly minimalist design that’s wear-resistant and practical
  • Does not have UV emissions that produce traces of measurable ozone, so it’s 100% ozone-free
  • Whisper-quiet fan system that makes for noise-less air circulation
  • One-touch switch for easy on/off operation
  • Blue LED light for a softer atmosphere (doubles as nightlight)
  • Compact size that covers an area of 10 cubic meters